Sixth Form Art Curriculum

      AQA GCSE Art and Design Specification 7202   

      Students may explore overlapping areas and combinations of areas of study in the following:-

      • Drawing and painting
      • Mixed-media, including collage and assemblage
      • Sculpture
      • Ceramics
      • Installation
      • Print making (relief, intaglio, and screen processes)
      • Moving image and Photography

      Students will develop an over-arching knowledge, understanding and skills in their chosen areas of Fine Art.  In addition they will be required to demonstrate skills in all of the following:-

      • Appreciation of different approaches to recording images.
      • An awareness of their intended audience and the purpose of their chosen areas of Fine Art.
      • An understanding of the representational and non-representational imagery.
      • An appreciation of different media and its purpose.
      • An appreciation of all formal elements of line, colour, tone, texture, shape and form.

      This course is assessed as follows:-

      Component 1: Personal Investigation

      96 marks, 60% of the A Level, coursework, no time limit other than to be completed in May preceding all marking in preparation for the visiting moderator in June.

      Component 2: Externally Set Assignment

      96 marks, 40% of the A Level, (Preparatory time + 15 hours of supervised time).  To be completed for marking in May in preparation for the visiting moderator in June.

      Along with the cost of the trips outlined below there are additional costs for materials associated with this course.

      Trips for Art in the Sixth Form

      Trips to appropriate exhibitions such as the Summer Show at the Royal Academy London, Tate Modern and the Saatchi Gallery are run throughout the course.

      Co-curricular Art Activities in the Sixth Form

      Lunchtime clubs are available to all and the 6th Form artists are encouraged to use the facilities and the 6th Form art studio in study time, where a staff member is always available to discuss work.

      Revised February 2017