OCR BIOLOGY A Specification H420       

      We follow a traditional A Level Biology course which is both interesting and excellent preparation for studying the subject at university.  A Level Biology is a popular choice in the sixth form and many of our students have successfully gone onto Biology-related courses including:  Medicine, Veterinary Science, Marine Biology, Biochemistry, Genetics and Environmental Science.

      The A Level Biology course is split into six modules:

      1. Development of practical skills in Biology
      2. Foundations in Biology
      3. Exchange and Transport
      4. Biodiversity, Evolution and Disease
      5. Communication, Homeostasis and Energy
      6. Genetics, Evolution and Ecosystems  

      This course is assessed as follows:

      Paper 1: Biological Processes, 37%,  examined at the end of Upper 6th

      Paper 2: Biological Diversity, 37% examined at the end of Upper 6th

      Paper 3: Unified Biology, 26% examined at the end of Upper 6th

      Practical endorsement for biology, Non-Examination Assessment of practical work conducted during Lower and Upper 6th


      The following trips will be part of the course:

      • A Level biologists attend a residential field course at Dale Fort in Pembrokeshire to undertake practical ecological work, cost approximately £340-380, compulsory.

      Apart from the trips outlined above, there are no additional costs associated with the A Level Biology course except for two revision guides which students are strongly encouraged to buy, cost approximately £20.

      Co-Curricular Activities

      • students are encouraged to attend Biology master classes at Oxford University’s Museum of Natural History
      • students are also encouraged to attend particular public lectures at the various Biology and medical departments at Oxford and Brookes universities
      • students are encouraged to take part in challenging national Biology competitions run by the Royal Society of Biology – with great success
      • Intermediate Biology Olympiad (L6)
      • Biology Olympiad (U6)

      Revised February 2017