Creative & Performing Arts

      Art, Music and Drama at OLA

      OLA excels at encouraging pupils to look at the world from different perspectives, challenging received wisdom and generating ideas. This is seen in the quality of our art, music and drama but also in teaching and learning across the curriculum.

      Creativity is essential in today’s world of rapid change, global competition and digital communication. Creativity is closely linked with an awareness of the spiritual and at OLA all forms of creative talent are encouraged.

      Talents need to be nurtured and allowed to flourish. We do everything we can to encourage and accommodate ambitions within and beyond the curriculum. Our pupils have interests that range from painting and sculpture to fashion design, music, singing, dance, drama, composing, writing and the performing arts.

      Art and Design

      OLA has long been renowned for the quality of the art its pupils produce and the main entrance space of the school, the Mall, is always vibrant with GCSE and A Level work. A more recent specialism has been Design and Technology, now a fast growing subject among both boys and girls and housed in a recently completed, state of the art building. Pupils are encouraged to be creative and this, underpinned by a structured academic programme, leads to outstanding success. Traditional craft work, new technologies and gallery visits are all part of the rich picture that is Art and Design at OLA.

      Performing Arts

      The programme of performing arts at OLA provides frequent opportunities for pupils to develop their talents in these areas, both inside and outside the curriculum. Our Drama Studio and auditorium are the setting for some outstanding work, whether in performances assessed for public exams or school concerts and plays.


      In Music, the many groups and ensembles take their place alongside individual performers at the regular recitals held at OLA. The self-confidence and teamwork that spring out of these events are of incalculable value to the pupils.