By offering a breadth of courses and experiences, we hope to enable every pupil to discover areas in which he or she can experience success and the joy of learning.


      OLA offers a vast curriculum which provides a fantastic range of academic and other experiences for pupils. In keeping with our Mission Statement, we recognise that every pupil has different talents and we wish to provide opportunities to develop these; whatever they may be.

      Accordingly, the curriculum covers creative, linguistic, mathematical, physical, religious, scientific and technological areas, all of which are further supported by extra-curricular activities, clubs or visits. The essential skills of speaking, listening, literacy and numeracy are developed not only in English and Mathematics, but also in other lessons across the curriculum.

      Human and social development is promoted through the PSHE programme and also through the religious side of school life, both of which reflect the aims and ethos of the school, and both of which assist pupils to develop a personal moral or spiritual basis for their lives. A programme of careers guidance is in place, which makes pupils aware of the continuing breadth of opportunities available to them once they’ve finished school and prepares them to gain access to the ones they choose.

      We are committed to ensuring that pupils are able to participate as fully as possible, in all areas of the curriculum, and that everyone has the opportunity to learn and make progress. If necessary, learning support is provided to make this possible.

      A system of ability setting is in place in a number of subjects to ensure that the subject matter, approach and pace of work are appropriate for the aptitudes of all pupils, including those with a statement or those whom the school has itself identified as needing extra support. This includes pupils for whom English is not the first language.



      Product Design






      Modern Foreign Languages


      Physical Education 

      Religious Studies