Overview of Economics at OLA

      Economics is taught as an optional subject at A Level in the Sixth Form.  It has a specialist room and resources. It is also a part of the whole school via some PSHE sessions and activities such as Young Enterprise.

      Sixth Form Economics Curriculum

      AQA  A Level Economics Specification Code 7136     

      The objectives of the course are to apply economic theory to support analysis of current economic problems and issues and to encourage students to appreciate the interrelationships between microeconomics and macroeconomics.  Students develop the knowledge and skills needed to understand and analyse data, think critically about issues and make informed decisions. They also build upon their quantitative skills and appreciate that, when evaluating arguments, both qualitative and quantitative evidence is important.

      This course is assessed as follows:-

      Paper 1: Markets and Market Failure, 33.3% of A Level, examined at the end of Upper 6th

      Paper 2: National and International Economy, 33.3% of A Level, examined at the end of Upper 6th

      Paper 3: Economic Principles and Issues, 33.3% of A Level, examined at the end of Upper 6th

      Trips for Economics in the Sixth Form

      The following trips will be part of the course:-

      • Trip to Houses of Parliament and the Bank of England
      • Trip to BMW plant in Cowley, Oxford
      • Trip to IKEA in Reading

      The trips are often shared with students studying Economics. They take place in school time and are chargeable at cost price.

      Co-curricular Economics Activities in the Sixth Form

      • Ms Webster runs a weekly Economics club giving students the opportunity to engage in lively debate on various real world economic issues.
      • When possible OLA pupils will join the IEA Student Conferences and the Grade booster workshop run by Tutor2u in London

      Revised February 2017