AQA: A Level Geography  Specification Code 7037

      Students cover a mixture of Human and Physical topics including Hazards, Coastal Systems and Landscapes, Water and Carbon Cycles, Global Systems and Global Governance, Population and the Environment and Changing Places.  They also complete an individual investigation, whereby they gather data from the field.  The course enables the students to harness a wide range of transferable skills including extensive essay writing techniques and graphical and statistical analysis.

      This course is assessed as follows:-

      Component 1: Physical Geography, 40%, examined at the end of Upper 6th.

      Component 2: Human Geography, 40%, examined at the end of Upper 6th.

      Component 3: Geography Fieldwork Investigation, 20%, examined at the end of Upper 6th.

      Trips for Geography in the Sixth Form

      The following four day trips will be part of the course which will enable students to gather and analyse data in preparation for the Geography Fieldwork Investigation (Component 3). The cost of the trips are dependent on the numbers of students taking the course. The trips are compulsory.

      Apart from these trips, there are no additional costs associated with this course.

      Investigating the quality of Life throughout different parts of Abingdon, (Human Geography - Contemporary Urban Environments Theme).

      Investigating factors which affect infiltration rates throughout Abingdon, (Physical Geography – Water and Carbon Cycles Theme).

      Investigating Hurst Castle Spit, Milford-On-Sea, Hampshire, (Physical Geography – Coastal Systems and Landscapes Theme).

      Investigating the effect of chain stores on Oxford City Centre, (Human Geography – Changing Places Theme).

      Co-curricular Geography Activities in the Sixth Form

      Each year students compete in the Royal Geographical Society ‘Young Geographer of the Year competition.  We also invite speakers and organisations in to deliver presentations as part of our lunchtime/after school McAuley Lecture programme.  The students have previously been fortunate enough to benefit from the expertise of Mr Walker who has spoken about flood prevention strategies.

      Students are encouraged to attend relevant A Level lectures held at local Universities and schools, which are led by academic experts.  Students are also encouraged to enter the International Geography Olympiad Competition.

      Revised June 2019