Geography at OLA is an exciting and interesting subject where we aim to inspire in children a curiosity and fascination about the world and their place within it. Children develop their knowledge of people and places and form an understanding of the physical, social and economic forces which shape our lives. 

      Children start by exploring the world around them, where they live, local cultures including food and languages. This gives them a basis to investigate further afield and identify similarities and differences. 

      Children use both electronic and Ordnance Survey maps to locate towns, cities, countries, mountains, rivers, seas and oceans. They use atlases, photographs and the Internet to explore the environment and economics of the countries they study.

      Teaching the children about sustainability and our carbon footprint helps them to learn to respect both the local and global environment. They also learn about the importance of agriculture, farming and water, where our food comes from and how it is produced. 

      Field Work, Investigation and Practical Activities

      Field work, investigation and practical activities play a key part in Geography lessons and our emphasis is on giving the children the skills and knowledge they need to develop into good geographers, and the enthusiasm to continue enjoying Geography at secondary level. Learning is enhanced through visits to local towns and rivers, coasts and mountains further afield.  

      Cross-Curricular Activities

      Opportunities for cross-curricular topic work are provided to give the children the chance to pull together, for instance, historical knowledge and scientific skills.

      Looking to the past for clues about how the world around us has developed helps the children gain a deeper understanding of Geography today and how to look after our planet in the future. 

      Geography trips are organised to enhance the childrens learning of Geography including The Living Rain Forest and Sutton Courtenay Environmental Centre.