Edexcel Advanced GCE in History: Specification Code: 9HI0

      At A Level, students study three main topics: the history of Russia, 1917-1991; China under Mao, 1949-76; and Protest, agitation and parliamentary reform in Britain, c1780–1928.  This focus on predominantly modern topics is designed to provide a good understanding of some of the key events and developments that have shaped our world today.

      The A Level is designed to help students develop their skills of written communication, independent research, critical thinking and the close analysis and evaluation of documentary evidence.  It is this that makes History an extremely useful subject to study for a number of vocations.  Universities rank History as one of four “cornerstone” subjects for those pursuing Humanities-related degree courses and the skills taught here at OLA seek to prepare our students for study of the subject, or a related area, at a wide range of universities in Britain and beyond.

      This course is assessed as follows:

      Paper 1: Breadth study with interpretations (Russia, 1917-91), 30%, examined at the end of the Upper 6th.

      Paper 2: Depth study (China, 1949-76), 20%, examined at the end of the Upper 6th.

      Paper 3: Themes in breadth with aspects in depth (Britain, 1780-1928), 30%, examined at the end of the Upper 6th.

      Coursework: likely to focus on an aspect of China under Mao, 20%, completed in the Upper  6th.

      Trips for History in the Sixth Form 

      There will be opportunities for students to attend A Level conferences and hear talks by high profile experts.