Inspection Reports

      In every category of our last inspection report, OLA has been judged to be either excellent or good.


      The last inspection report issued by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) was published in January 2016.  We are delighted to share with you the contents of this report with you here.

      There are many positive comments about the school in all parts of the report, including a description of OLA pupils as ‘self-aware, reflective and well-grounded, recognising their responsibilities to one another and to their community’. Our students are also described as ‘articulate and willing contributors in lessons, often asking probing questions’.  Links with parents are described as ‘excellent’.  

      In their main findings the inspectors comment that ‘throughout the school pupils are well-motivated, communicate easily and have well-developed skills for learning’ and that ‘at all stages the school is successful in meeting its aim to provide an education based on the principle of each according to their needs’.

      Since the previous inspection there has been a ‘commitment to raising standards’ and ‘greater emphasis on academic results and ensuring that all pupils make good progress.’ The school receives particular praise for the quality of teaching within the Early Years Foundation Stage, which is described as ‘excellent’.

       OLA’s Pastoral Care and the moral development of pupils also receive ‘excellent’ ratings, a recognition of the emphasis that we continue to place on these areas.

      As you read the report you will see that these are just a few of the many positive judgements the inspectors make. I hope you will find it a valuable and, above all, helpful document.

      Stephen Oliver, Principal