OCR Advanced Level Latin Specification Code H443

      As well as being rewarding in its own right, Latin is a deservedly impressive subject to have on application forms for university or future employment.  It supports the study of English, History or Modern Languages, but is also studied with great success alongside Mathematics and Science. 

      Latin at A Level offers further training in logical thinking and insight into the structure of language.  It also offers the chance to enjoy a wider range of interesting and thought-provoking Roman literature, both poetry and prose.

      Students start by gaining confidence and fluency in translation by reading a selection of different authors and genres, which can be chosen to suit the interests and tastes of the group.  They also revise, refine and build on their understanding of the GCSE grammar and syntax by translating sentences into Latin.   As the course progresses, the focus narrows to two specified authors – the historian, Livy and the poet, Ovid – in order to become familiar enough with their characteristic vocabulary and style to tackle extracts from their work unseen.  By this time students also have the expertise to translate not just sentences but whole paragraphs of English into stylish, idiomatic Latin.

      Key texts are studied in much greater depth, read and discussed together in class with particular emphasis on their literary qualities.  These change every two years and might include exciting extracts from Virgil’s epic poem, ‘The Aeneid’, a selection of shorter Roman poems, an extract from one of Cicero’s most famous speeches, or Tacticus' appraisal of one of the Roman Emperors.  To broaden and deepen appreciation of their context, students also be expected to look at related literature in English translation.

      This course is assessed by four examination papers as follows:-

      Unit 1: Unseen Translation, 33% of the marks

      Unit 2: Prose Composition or Comprehension, 17% of the marks

      Prose Literature: 25% of the marks

      Verse Literature: 25%

      Co-curricular Latin Activities in the Sixth Form

      Participation in joint school lectures, relevant local events and activities, and the local Greek and Latin Reading Competition.

      Revised February 2017