Leavers' Destinations

      Many of our Year 6 children choose to go on to Our Lady's Abingdon Senior School but we successfully prepare children for the entrance examinations for a number of Senior Schools in the local area.  In recent years, our Year 6 children have been offered places at the following independent Secondary Schools:

      • Magdalen College School
      • Abingdon School
      • St Helen and St Katharine

      In Year 5, we meet with parents to discuss their options for their children's secondary education so that we can support families as effectively as possible.  Children are effectively prepared for their entrance examinations and sit a mock examination at the beginning of Year 6 for familiarisation purposes.  

      For children who wish to transfer to the Senior School, admission is on the basis of teacher assessment, but children still sit the entrance examination in January so that they can compete for scholarships.