Junior School

      If you would like to make an appointment to view the school, please fill in the ‘contact us’ form, letting us know you’d like to visit us or you can contact the office using the details below.

      On receipt of a completed registration form and the relevant fee, the process of admission can begin.


      Administration process

      There are no formal entrance examinations for younger children, but older children will be invited to visit the school where they will be assessed for entry. Children of all faiths and non are welcome provided parents are happy for their children to participate in the religious education, assemblies and services of the school.

      Children are accepted into the school's Nursery class at any point after the beginning of the term in which the children reach their third birthday. For example, children who become three between 1st September and 31st December may start school at the start of the September term. However, all decisions regarding new entrants are made at the discretion of the Head Teacher.

      Children also come to OLA Junior School at various other stages (5+, 8+ and 10+), as we are flexible in our approach to when children may join the school if places are available. Children joining in Years Four and above are given short written assessments to determine their academic ability, and all prospective entrants, regardless of age, will be given the opportunity to visit the school and spend a number of induction days with us.

      Please call the Junior School Secretary on 01235 523147 or by email at officejs@olab.org.uk for more information


      Every effort is made to make learning active, challenging, ambitious and rewarding.