Physical Education

      All pupils in the Sixth Form have a double PE lesson on a Wednesday afternoon and are offered a variety of activities to choose from each term.  Examples of just some of the activities available include: Rugby, Football, Netball, Hockey, Swimming, Fitness, Martial Arts, Sh’Bam and the use of local gyms.

      PE is also offered as an A Level subject.

      OCR Physical Education Specification Code H555

      This is a 2 year course that will inspire and challenge students to do their best.  The course aims to develop theoretical knowledge and understanding of the physiological, psychological and socio-cultural factors that underpin performance as well as allowing students to develop their sports skills and techniques.

      The course is assessed as follows:-

      Paper 1: Physiological factors affecting performance, 30 %, examined at the end of the Upper Sixth Form

      Paper 2: Psychological factors affecting performance, 20%, examined at the end of the Upper Sixth Form

      Paper 3: Socio-cultural issues in physical activity and sport, 20%, examined at the end of the Upper Sixth Form

      Non-examination Assessment: Assessment of performing or coaching in 1 physical activity from the approved list and an oral evaluation of performance, 30%, assessed by PE staff throughout the course and moderated by OCR towards the end of the Upper Sixth Form

      Trips for PE and Sport in Years 7 to Upper Sixth Form

      There have been several sporting tours in recent years, including netball tours to Malta, Cyprus and Barbados and ski trips to Austria, Switzerland, Italy, USA and Canada.

      Co-curricular PE and Sport Activities in Years 7 to Upper Sixth Form

      Co-curricular clubs are run at lunchtimes and after school and are open to all pupils, allowing everyone the opportunity to enjoy participating in the activity and to help improve their skills.

      We have clubs and/or teams in the following sports:-



      Synchronised Swimming










      Cross Country






      Competition is seen as a vital learning experience and all pupils will have the opportunity to compete through House competitions and through our inter-school fixtures as well as county and national competitions.  In addition, we have strong links with many local sports clubs and encourage our pupils to also take part in sport outside of school.  OLA has a number of pupils who compete in their chosen discipline at County or National level.