Religious Studies

      OCR Religious Studies A level Specification Code H573

      The skills assessed are knowledge and understanding of religious, philosophical and ethical issues, and the evaluation of those issues.  Assessment is through extended essays which require high levels of critical thinking and good literacy skills.  The Religious Studies A Level is structured into three components:-

      1) Philosophy of Religion examines ancient philosophical influences, the nature of the soul, mind and body, arguments about the existence or non-existence of God, the nature and impact of religious experience, the challenge for religious belief of the problem of evil, and issues in religious language.

      2) Religion and ethics covers normative ethical theories and the application of ethical theory to two contemporary issues of importance, ethical language and thought, debates surrounding the significant idea of conscience and sexual ethics and the influence on ethical thought of developments in religious belief.

      3) Developments in Christian thought examines beliefs, values and teachings.  Students study their interconnections and how they vary historically and in the contemporary world.

      This course is assessed as follows:-

      • Paper 1: Philosophy of Religion, 33.3%, examined at the end of the course
      • Paper 3: Religion and Ethics, 33.3%, examined at the end of the course
      • Paper 3: Developments in Christian Thought, 33.3%, examined at the end of the course

      Trips for Religious Studies in the Sixth Form

      As a complement to their studies students have the opportunity to attend a conference on Philosophy and Ethics related to their course.  This may be run by a variety of providers including: Candle Conferences and The Anscombe Bioethics Centre, Oxford.  They give the students the chance to hear leading academics in the field give their perspectives on the subject.  Costs £15-25.

      Sixth Form General Religious Studies

      Besides the academic study of RS, OLA offers some very general Religious Studies for the Lower Sixth Form as part of their Enrichment programme.  Courses are taken on an opt-in basis and have included:  Critical Thinking, Catholics at the Movies, The Great Philosophers, History of Art, Science and Religion, and Justice and Peace.