McAuley Scholarship Programme

      The following Scholarships are awarded to external candidates applying for entry to OLA’s Senior School in Years 7, 9 and the Lower Sixth:

      Scholarships awarded for Years 7 and 9 are held until the end of Year 11. Those awarded for the Lower Sixth are held for the duration of the Sixth Form. Academic Scholarships are valued at 10% of fees, while Music Scholarships entitle the pupil to free individual tuition at OLA by one of the school's visiting music staff. For an exceptionally gifted pupil this may extend to two instruments. All other Scholarships are valued at £300 per annum. Scholarships are not means-tested and parents are not required to fill in a financial statement.

      Sixth form Academic Scholarship Application form

      Current OLA pupils may also apply for all the above Scholarships for the Lower Sixth, and for Sports, Drama, Art and Music Scholarships for Year 9. 

      All Scholarships, with the exception of Academic Scholarships for Years 7 and 9 (see below), must be applied for in the Michaelmas Term of the preceding academic year. 

      The number of Scholarships offered each year may vary. The Principal, in making such awards, will always take into consideration each candidate's potential for contributing to OLA’s ethos, as detailed in the school’s Mission Statement. Scholars are expected to make a significant contribution to school life through their enthusiasm and commitment to the particular area for which they have been recognised. As such, they are invited to regular review meetings to discuss progress and future goals. The continuation of a Scholarship is dependent upon good school reports for effort, achievement and behaviour.

      In addition, All Rounder Scholarships at the value of 10% of fees are awarded from time to time to current pupils on the recommendation of the school’s staff and at the discretion of the Principal. No formal application or assessment is required. They recognise pupils who have achieved well academically and made a substantial contribution to the life of the school. All Rounder Scholarships are reviewed annually.  

      Further information about Academic, Sports, Art, Drama and Music Scholarships is given below: 

      Academic: Only Scholarship applicants for the Lower Sixth need to fill out a separate application form. For Years 7 and 9, pupils are assessed on the basis of their entrance examination results, reference from previous school and performance at interview. For Lower Sixth, students must apply for a Scholarship and will be required to sit an exam and attend a panel interview, if short-listed. Successful candidates for all Academic Scholarships will have shown excellence in their written papers and initiative, drive and a lively mind at interview. 

      Sports: Candidates are expected to have an enthusiastic and committed approach to school sport and demonstrate high levels of performance and ability in at least one of OLA’s competitive sports.

      Sports Scholarship Information and Application form 

      Art: Candidates are asked to submit a portfolio of work and attend an interview, where they will be asked to discuss work in a range of media. An Art Scholarship will only continue beyond the end of Year 9 if the pupil elects to continue Art to GCSE. 

      Art Scholarship Information and Application form 

      Drama: Candidates attend an audition and must demonstrate superior vocal and movement skills and appreciation of the content and style of performance material. Scholars are expected to study Drama at GCSE and must participate annually in the school play.

      Drama Scholarship Information and application form

      Music: Offered to help nurture young talent, reward excellence and recognise and support music potential. In addition to demonstrating innate musical skills, candidates should be working towards or beyond the following ABRSM standards, though there is no expectation that the candidate will have taken the examinations: Year 7 - Grade 4; Year 9 - Grade 5; Lower Sixth - Grade 7.

      Music Scholarship Information and application form 

      School application forms and further details of all Scholarships, as well as the school’s Scholarship Policy, are available on request from the Admissions Registrar at Key dates for Scholarship applications for entry to the school in September 2019 are given below:

      Application deadline: Sixth Form Academic Scholarships Monday 5 November 2018
      Sixth Form Academic Scholarship Examination and Interviews for short-listed candidates
      Monday 12 November 2018.
      Application deadline for external candidates: Music, Art, Drama and Sports Scholarships Friday 16 November 2018
      Auditions/Interviews for external candidates: Music, Art, Drama and Sports Scholarships Friday 30th November 2018