Senior School Uniform List 2017-18


      School uniform PE KIT
      Fitted navy blazer Squadkit PE Polo shirt - Complusory
      Blouse - Cotton revere collar white blouse Squadkit tracksuit top - Complusory
      Opaque black tights* Squadkit training pants - Complusory
      White ankle socks* Squadkit skirt - Complusory
      OLA Tartan Kilt on the knee Squadkit Midlayer - Optional
      Shoes* Black or navy leather with low heels Squadkit games socks - Complusory
      Winter Coat* Plain navy or black PE socks - Complusory
        Speedo Swimming Costume - Compulsory
        Swimming hat - Given out at first lesson- Complusory
        Squadkit Baselayer leggings - Optional
        Squadkit Baselayer top - Complusory
        Squadkit Games bag- Complusory
        Mouthguard - named
        Trainers* for indoor use

      The only jewellery allowed with school uniform is a small cross and chain and one pair of studs (not rings) in the ear lobes. Hair clips and slides must be plain and hair accessories, if worn, plain white, navy or blue.


      Uniform PE KIT
      Trousers - Charcoal grey with black leather belt if needed* Squadkit Polo shirt - Complusory
      Navy blazer with crest Squadkit rugby shirt - Complusory
      Navy pullover with burgundy trim - V-neck Squadkit midlayer - Optional
      Tie Years 7-11 (optional alternative for years 10-11) Squadkit tracksuit top - Complusory
      Royal and navy School scarf - Optional, non-uniform scarves are not allowed Squadkit training pants - Complusory
      Grey socks* Squadkit games socks - Complusory
      Shoes* - Must be black, plain and polished PE socks - Complusory
      Shirt - Performance white cotton Navy Speedo Jammers - Complusory
        Swimming hat - Given out first lesson
        Squadkit baselayer leggings - Optional
        Squadkit baselayer top - Optional
        Squadkit games bag - Optional
        Mouthguard - named
        Trainers * for indoor use
        Football boots* with kite marked safety studs

      All items must be clearly marked with pupil name, including watches and calculators. The Principal’s decision on all matters relating to a pupil’s appearance is final.

      All uniform items except those marked with an asterisk must be purchased from Schoolblazer.

      Schoolblazer FAQ.docx

      Please click here to see Junior School Uniform policy.