Years 5 and 6

      Senior School Preparation

      In Years 5 and 6, one of our principal aims is to work closely with pupils and parents to prepare children for Senior School. We have had great success in recent years in securing the first choice of Senior School for our pupils. 

      Specialist teaching

      The children benefit from being able to access more specialist teaching in the Senior School. This includes the use of Science laboratories, Design and Technology Centre and Sports facilities. 

      Enrichment activities

      Many of the children’s highlight of Year 6 is their residential trip to Wales. It is a great way to celebrate and develops skills and friendships they have gained at OLA. 

      We have a rich programme of Extra Curricular events to bring the curriculum to life including:

      1. Termly educational visits
      2. Sporting fixtures and tournaments
      3. Inter-school Performance Poetry
      4. English Literature Quiz
      5. Primary Maths Challenge
      6. Inter School General Knowledge Quiz

      Roles of responsibility

      The Year 5 and 6 pupils take on a range of responsibilities. The Head Pupil and House and Vice Captains are elected from Years 5 and 6 on the basis of their maturity and leadership skills. Year 6 pupils contribute to the smooth running of the school by taking on prefect duties.