Young Enterprise

      Young Enterprise (YE) is a popular activity, which gives Year 10 students the chance to be a company director for one year. 

      As well as learning life skills such as…

      • Team work
      • Problem solving
      • Communication
      • Commitment

      ...there is the opportunity to MAKE MONEY!

      There are openings for people with all kinds of talent

      • Marketing and selling
      • Organisational flair
      • Financial acumen
      • ICT
      • Creative ideas
      • People skills

      Students will learn a lot about themselves (and their friends), try out the world of business and have fun. Young Enterprise is not a business game - the students form real companies. The company directors have to raise share capital, develop and market a product, attend weekly board meetings, operate a bank account, write a company report and finally liquidate their company.

      The YE year culminates with a county and national competition, which gives everyone the chance to develop his or her public speaking and presentation skills and to compete alongside YE companies from across the county.