Experience Days for Year 2 and 3 Pupils

All Year 2 pupils who are seeking Year 3 entry and current Year 3 pupils seeking Year 4 entry are invited to attend our Year 2 and 3 Experience Day.
The day will provide the opportunity to try a wide range of activities, meet our teachers and make new friends.

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The next Year 2 and 3 Experience Day is Saturday 15 May 2021.

The day runs from 9.30am until 12.45pm. Children are asked to wear casual clothes and shoes suitable for indoor sports. Parents are invited to join the Principal’s Talk in the morning. Children can be collected between 12.30-12.45pm and tea is served to parents from 12.10pm.

The full programme will be issued to all families who have registered just before the event.

To register for the event please complete the registration form below. You will receive an acknowledgement of registration back to your inbox.

Register for the Year 2 and 3 Experience Day Saturday 15 May 2021


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    PARENT CONTACT INFORMATION (for us to reach you if necessary)

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    ALLERGY INFORMATION (children will be given lunch and snacks)

    SWIMMING ABILITY: Please complete the information as fully as possible. If you are unsure simply write ‘unknown’

    Swimming Ability Awards: e.g. ASA NPTS level(s):
    Swimming Distance Awards: e.g. ASA Rainbow distance:
    Deep water confidence:
    Our pool max depth is 2.6m (approx 10 feet) CONFIDENT:
    Diving Confidence:
    Diving head first from the pool side or from a raised platform or spring board CONFIDENT:
    Water Skills Confidence:
    Treading water, floating, swimming, submerging under water CONFIDENT:
    IMPORTANT: Children with asthma should bring their inhaler with them. For serious long term conditions (eg, severe asthma, diabetes, serious allergies, epilepsy) parents are required to provide written instructions from the pupil’s GP advising of the treatment necessary in an emergency. Please keep us up to date about any changes.

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