Lower School History

Key Stage 2 Curriculum

The Key Stage 2 History curriculum at OLA is a vibrant and exciting subject. We cover a wide variety of topics, from ancient civilisations to local history, with a strong focus on developing historical skills so that children have a strong foundation for future study. Trips to museums, workshops and experience days are used to make the past come to life and instil in our pupils a long-lasting love of history.

Interactive Resources

The children learn through a variety of approaches including Drama, Music, Art and computer-based learning. Wherever possible we invite people in to share their experiences with the children and enrich their understanding. 


Recent Lower School History Newsletter Stories

Year 4 Archaeologists

In Year 4 History we pretended to be archaeologists looking at objects we had never seen before, recording what we knew about them and guessing what they might have been used for hundreds of years ago.

The children had some fantastic ideas but most couldn’t guess what the objects were really for!

Do you know how to wash a Woolly Mammoth?

The children in Year 3 have just started the topic Stone Age to Iron Age. This week we looked at the many pre-historic beasts, but our particular focus has been on the Woolly Mammoth.

We have enjoyed creating our very own desk Woolly Mammoths out of milk cartons.

Next week, we are going to be looking at the text How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth and writing instructions – just in case you were to ever bump into one and fancied giving it a wash! We’re looking forward to sharing our instructions with you in a newsletter soon!

My Ancient Greek Day Report

Article by Amber (Year 5)

I was in the democrats’ group. The first activity was making Greek tiles. It was fun to copy the designs and draw them with a fancy pen onto our own tile. My design was a Greek temple probably for Athena goddess of wisdom. A good bonus was Miss Hitchens putting Classic FM on for us. It made it seem less like a lesson and more like fun. I love how the tile was something we got to take home on the day.

Some of us played a Greek game at break where I was a lion. When the bell rang we did soap carving which was my personal favourite because you had to peel the soap off to carve the shape with your sharpened stick. It looked and felt like coconut shavings and was so fun to play with. Next, we made mosaics. We made a handful of blue tiles and a handful of white tiles and arranged them in a pattern we liked. We glued them onto our square cards and are waiting to put the paste on to them when they are dry. We made charm bracelets out of string and clay and used our sharpened stick tool again to help us. I made a lion charm which is a symbol of bravery.

I really enjoyed having the Zoom call with someone from Athens telling us stories, especially the comedy. She answered all of my questions and made me laugh too. At the end of the day we made medicine. We wrapped lovely herbs into a square of muslin and tied it with purple string. I love the smell of herbs. I might make some more at home.

Overall, I really enjoyed the day. It was definitely one of my favourite days of the year!