Meals and Nutrition

Nursery and Reception Snacks

Nursery and Reception children bring two snacks into school, one of which should be a piece of fruit. 

Each morning, the children count the different fruits, cut them up and share them with their friends. This supports many areas of learning as well as encouraging the children to feel part of the community.

For those children who stay for the afternoon session we have ‘Afternoon Tea’, where we gather for a healthy snack and a story.

Dining Room

The Nursery and Reception children have their own small cosy dining room, where they are able to eat their lunch with the Nursery and Reception staff.

 Children are encouraged to collect their own lunches from the dining hatch and carry it to their space. There is always a great choice of well-balanced meals, prepared by our school caterers, CH&CO, on the premises, and we are able to cater for wide range of dietary requirements. Please click below to see the Early Years current term menu choices. 

Food Allergies

Please note that we are a nut-free school. We ask parents not to send snacks with nuts into school because we have a number of children in the school with allergies.