Senior School Pastoral Care

Our pastoral care is highly praised!

“The contribution of arrangements for pastoral care is excellent”
ISI Inspection Report January 2016

OLA is recognised as offering outstanding pastoral care to all members of the school community. We rightly have a reputation of being a caring and nurturing school that results in creating a harmonious environment giving all pupils the opportunity to thrive.

Pupils at OLA feel safe, well cared for and well known by all of their teachers. We place great value on care and support for the individual and our pupils interact with each other positively and with genuine care and compassion.

Once again, our latest ISI Inspection Report highlighted pastoral care as a strength that underpins the school: 

“Relationships between pupils and staff, and amongst pupils themselves, are excellent.”

“Leadership strongly promotes values that encourage respect for others.”

“The school is very sensitive to the needs of individual pupils.”

“The moral development of pupils is excellent. Pupils in all year groups have a keen sense of right and wrong and understand the need for rules.”

Pastoral care in action

Pupils belong to a form group where their Form Teacher is the first point of advice and support and sees them twice a day. There is also an Assistant Tutor, Year Tutor, School Counsellor and School Nurses all overseen by the Deputy Head.

There are many pressures on young people in modern society and the Pastoral Team meet once a week to discuss current pupil issues in addition to the many informal discussions and interventions taking place every day to help pupils to feel supported, valued and, crucially, happy.

“The school is highly successful in meeting its aim to be a community based on Catholic principles and respect for others. A strong and well-managed system of pastoral care is in place throughout, which creates an inclusive environment in which all pupils are looked after with care and compassion.” – ISI Inspection Report January 2016

Central to our ethos is allowing each individual to be the best that they can be. We encourage pupils, staff and parents to work together to take the lids off pupils’ potential and help them to grow. Our pupils do go to the very best universities but they also have valuable knowledge of the real world. They achieve more than academic success and leave the school as well-rounded, caring individuals ready to make a positive contribution to the world.

“The school is successful in providing a happy and purposeful environment, in line with its aims, and firmly rooted in Catholic principles and the aspiration to be a loving, caring and welcoming community.” – ISI Inspection Report January 2016