Senior School Day

The Senior School day begins at 8.35am followed by eight 40-minute lessons. Pupils have a 20-minute morning break and 70 minutes for lunch. All meals are cooked on site, and all dietary needs are catered for.

A considerable range of co-curricular clubs run at lunchtime and after school. These include Sports, Languages, Music, Arts, Drama and Debating.

8.40-8.55Assembly or Form Time
9.00-9.40Lesson One
9.40-10.20Lesson Two
10.40 – 11.20Lesson Three
11.20-12.00Lesson Four
12.00-12.40Lesson Five
14.00-14.40Lesson Six
14.40-15.20Lesson Seven
15.20-16.00Lesson Eight
16.05-16.55Activities/Coach Study