Young Enterprise

Be a Company Director for a Year!

Young Enterprise (YE) is a popular activity, which gives Year 10 students the chance to be a company director for one year. 

As well as learning life skills such as…

1. Team work

2. Problem solving

3. Communication

4. Commitment

…there is the opportunity to MAKE MONEY!

There are openings for people with all kinds of talent:

1. Marketing and selling

2. Organisational flair

3. Financial acumen

4. ICT

5. Creative ideas

6. People skills

You’ll form a real company

Students will learn a lot about themselves (and their friends), try out the world of business and have fun. Young Enterprise is not a business game – the students form real companies. The company directors have to raise share capital, develop and market a product, attend weekly board meetings, operate a bank account, write a company report and finally liquidate their company.

And there’s a competition!

The YE year culminates with a county and national competition, which gives everyone the chance to develop his or her public speaking and presentation skills and to compete alongside YE companies from across the county.