Sixth Form Teaching and Learning

Sixth Form Programme

A typical Sixth Form programme will include three A-levels and the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ). The EPQ is optional but we encourage all our Lower Sixth students to do this as it encourages independent thought and good study skills.

Ideally students should choose to do an EPQ on something they are passionate about. It can complement their A-level subject choices but could be something entirely different. It is a great opportunity to study a topic that they did not necessarily want to take to A-level or for which an A-level does not exist.

Students are encouraged to see learning in Sixth Form as a partnership with teachers. Study comes easier to some than others and the transition to independent learning is supported with study skills sessions and supervised study periods.

Work in study periods takes place in a dedicated Sixth Form section of the well-stocked library, at one of the many computers in our spacious Sixth Form study or in one of the individual study carrels.

Sixth Form students should be spending at least five hours a week of their own time on each subject, which may be doing some set homework tasks but should also include reading over their notes from lessons, supplementing their notes from further reading and practising skills. Teachers will guide students on how to spend this time in their subjects.